Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Take Two

Late last night, the epidural became too much to bear and Heather decided to stop all the drugs. Her legs were going dead depending on which side she was lying on and despite the numbness, the pain of contraction was coming through so she had the worst of both worlds. Plus she remained at 3cm the whole time. She's a little sore but feeling a lot better today. She was in such a bad way last night that the staff are making her a top priority. They moved us to a room with a window, changed our doctor and included a number of extra services such as massage. Nice!

In a few minutes, she's going back on the induction drip and trying to make it through labour again. She's feeling a lot more confident today after writing off most of yesterday as one of her worst days ever. She's dolled herself up and even curled her hair. I don't think first impressions are that important but she's not listening.

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