Sunday 25 May 2008


Finally, here are some of the photos that Heather and I have taken with the new camera that Owain bought her for their first Mother's Day.

There's the trip to Wales:

Then we spent the Friday in Chepstow catching up with Jen and Emma and family.

Next there's the party itself. These didn't all come out so well. Do cameras have a special 'tent mode' these days? I should have checked.

And we've started modeling Owain in his new clothes so people can see whether they're any good at buying baby clothes...

Finally, here's a movie of your favorite diminutive slap-head...

Tuesday 20 May 2008


It seems to get harder to find a spare moment to write a post. It's not like there's nothing going on. In the last fortnight, Heather had her first Mother's Day and we took a trip back to Wales where Mum and Dad threw a party in our honour.

I need to get the photos together from all of that very soon... but it's already ten o'clock on a school night. Before I head to bed to sleep off some more jet-lag, a big thank-you to everyone who turned up on Saturday. Owain says thank-you for all the clothes and toys. We're going to take pictures and movies of him modeling it all.

In the meantime, can anyone remember who game him this Jack-in-the-box?

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Jake's Visit

My old schoolmate Jake was in town last weekend on the second leg of his US tour. We did lots of fun stuff like checking out Ballard's local beers, bars and bands.

On Saturday, we took a trip to Mount Rainier. It's the 21st most prominent mountain on Earth... but only on a clear day. On an average, cloudy Washington day, it's a lot of trees disappearing into the clouds.

On Sunday, we went to the Space Needle. The Space Needle is tall enough that the top and bottom have phone numbers with different area codes. Ironically, it gave us a good view of Mt Rainier.

Only two more days of work and then we fly to the UK. Woohoo!