Monday 14 January 2013

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's

    Time for a little catch-up.  Thanksgiving was spent here in Seattle with our friends Michael and Natasha and their daughter Frankie.  Besides a near disaster with the oven breaking we had a lovely time.  Had to cook the turkey at a friends house but I ended up with a new stove.  I really should take a picture of that since its been my pride and joy for the last 2 months.

 As soon as the Christmas season started we began doing all the things that Seattlites do, namely going to see the gingerbread houses downtown at the Sheraton.  Not sure if it was worth an hour of queuing but the castles were pretty spectacular.

 Christmas morning was a crazy toy BONANZA.  They played with their toys for 2 days straight, I didn't even have to turn on the t.v. (that says a lot around here)

We threw a New Year's Eve party rather than try to find a babysitter and brave the world outside.  The kids were great and a few made it all the way to midnight!

Jeff came to visit just before New Years through the first week of Jan.  What fun we had!