Friday, 12 October 2007

8 Pounds and Healthy

...according to the ultrasound scan today!

Even though the baby's a full week late now, the doc decided that he and Heather are not far enough along to be induced. Heather was over two weeks late herself and we don't feel too worried. Nor do the people at the perinatal centre where the scans get done.

He's so big now, you can't really make much out from the pictures. I was given the task of shocking him with a special buzzer because he wouldn't roll over to get his photo taken. He freaked out and kicked like a mule! It wasn't at all funny. Not funny at all. We go for another scan on Monday and another doctor's appointment on Tuesday.

Another ordeal that takes forever is baseball. It's like cricket only worse. The Diamondbacks took my advice and started playing against the Colorado Rockies (which isn't even an animal). They're eleven innings into a nine innings game. It gets Heather very nervous and excited which has to be a good thing given the circumstances.

Oh, there you go. The Rockies just won three points to two. Five points in nearly five hours? It's not cricket alright.

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