Tuesday, 30 October 2007

It's Me Again

Heather here, again. I owe John a blog because he took me and the kid out to Claim Jumper tonight which was really nice. Owain slept through the entire meal. We are cherishing moments like this because soon he'll be throwing food and being a holy terror in general I'm sure. I got a little taste of his bad moods yesterday when nothing I did seemed to placate him so he fussed and cried most of the day until we went to pick John up from the airport, by then he was so tuckered out he slept like an angel through the night and was sweet all day. Of course John is convinced that Owain was simply missing him and that's what had him so upset. I hope that's not the case as John is off on another interviewing trip tomorrow and not back til Thursday!

Last week we went to The Red Devil to show Owain off. Kristi came all the way from Alabama, yes the pizza's that good! And Jamie and Gwyn showed up as well. Some of the regular crew were there, my Dad, Mary Ellen, Tumbleweed, and Frank and Marie. Its nice to know he's cute enough to start a mini war between Jamie and Mary Ellen of who gets to hold him. I think Jamie won the battle that night.

but only after a little baby wrangling

One last picture for your viewing pleasure is of Owain on the quilt my aunt made. This one better shows her mad sewing skillz.

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Unknown said...

The baby wrangling hasn't really started yet. lyn is arriving next week.