Tuesday 27 February 2007


I turns out that my favorite operating system, Ubuntu, can make picture galleries straight out of the box (using gThumb) so at long last, here are some nicely presented snaps of Heather and I enjoying some of our last few months of freedom.

Firstly, here are a few select photos from the beginning of February including a trip to Phoenix Zoo, Beanie getting a bath and pictures of Sunset Point.

Next are Heather's rather nice photos of our trip to the Grand Canyon.

Finally, here are some piccies I took of Northern Arizona. There's a bunny called Diggity, a few shots of the Court House in Prescott (spot the deliberate mistake in that last photo) oh, and some more shots of a big hole in the ground. As you can see, the weather was somewhat variable.

And as if that wasn't enough, here's a movie of the lovely Heather modeling this year's must-have canyon.

Sunday 25 February 2007


Golly, it's been ten days. Mostly I went to northern AZ for most of a week and saw the Grand Canyon. I'll have to make up a photo gallery all about that some time. Um, it's very big. If you don't believe me, wait until the photos get done.

Yesterday, Heather had a yard sale and sold a few boxes worth of clothes. She made $40 which paid for the movies where we saw Reno 911!: Miami. It's a fake reality show about very useless cops in Nevada. It's mostly very funny. I'll bet the TV show is good too. [7 1/2] / [10 3/4] (seven and a half out of ten and three quarters).

Oscars are on this evening - not the middle of the night, mind; actually during waking hours! Still probably going to skip them though. Still not finished Zelda.

Now I'm off to get working on the back yard.

That is all.

Tuesday 13 February 2007


It's about time that I stepped things up a bit. The ratings for this blog are threatening to half if I don't jazz things up a bit (hi Jeff) so it's time to enter the multimedia era and post some photos.

Here's me eating my first Taco Bell.

This is Heather's dad, Mac, and his house in Tempe and believe it or not, these small rodents (Beanie, Cinnamon and Joe) are technically dogs!

Finally, I've been doing some gardening. Nothing very fancy, mostly just ripping dead roots out of the ground. To be honest, there's not a lot you can do with yard space over here but you can make it look a lot nicer than just dirt. Anyways, here's half-way through clearing everything out. And here's after all the vegetation I could reach was chopped up and piled up by the roadside.

Apologies for the very largeness of the photos. At a later date, I shall figure out how create a nice thumbnailed gallery without flickr busting my bytes.

Wednesday 7 February 2007

The best thing about America

So far, it's got to be the fact that I haven't heard the JCB song the whole time I've been here.