Saturday 5 February 2011

Geek In Training

First off, John recieved a special Christmas present from his brother Rob, or as we call him Uncle Barbara--long story (ok, briefly, Jimmy can't say Robert properly so it sounded like he was saying Barbara) This thing is called a Big Track and when John was little he wanted one REAL bad but Robert ended up getting one and John was jealous. Now at the ripe old age of 37 John finally recieved his Big Track. The boys got it out today and I only wish I could relay the sound it makes. I was awoken from a nap by this beast. If you can remember what the first push button phones sounded like and then amplify that X 100, you've got the sound of a Big Track. It has a keypad like a phone that you program and then it moves to your programed commands. It was sent into the bedroom to "shoot" me.

Below, we have our geek in training. Owain is becoming proficient on the laptop. He can search through You Tube videos of dinosaurs like nobodys business. Occasionally he ends up watching music videos of artists that only wish they could make it to the Eurovision Song Contest. He also has commandeered my phone and has mastered Puzzlebox. I might add that he has purchased 2 apps without me knowing. That's $6.00 I won't be seeing again.

Yesterday, Owain and I tried our hand at arts and crafts. I bought some small popsicle sticks, glue, constructions paper, etc. John took a pic of my hideous creation. And today I made sugar cookies. Hearts, circles, roosters and cows. Fun for shape enthusiasts of all types.