Friday, 26 October 2007

A Post From Mrs. McF

I thought I would give John a short break and post in his place. Owain had his first pediatrician appointment yesterday and it went very well. He is already back up to his birth weight and has put on an extra 4oz! Needless to say any feeding issues we had have been resolved. The doctor said he is fit and healthy so we don't need to go back until next month.

Tomorrow we are off to the American Legion ball. It's basically a Halloween costume party at the Tempe legion post #2. We will make our appearance to show off the babe, who has a Halloween themed outfit purchased especially for the occasion.

Day to day life has become somewhat easier even though the four hours a day that Owain is awake he stretches out all through the night. Luckily I'm a lady of leisure and I can nap with him during the day. Dad manages to do the same.

I can hear him doing the squirmy wormy and grunting so I'll sign off for now and put you back in the much more capable blogging hands of my dear John.

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