Thursday 31 January 2008

Frilly Knickers/Arizona Trip

I'm not sure why diapers have a ruffle around the leg but aren't they dashing?! Owain and I were in Arizona last week visiting my Dad and Jim and Daniel. Flying with a 3 month old is scary but not as bad as I thought it would be. Owain was well behaved, better behaved than some of the airline employees and airport sercurity personnel. My biggest pleasure on the trip was watching Grandpa Jim and Owain together. They were getting along so well that Jim babysat for him while I spoiled myself with a pedicure. Mary Ellen also babysat so I could go see Juno with Jamie. It was great to see everyone and get a dose of sunshine. Here are the photos from that trip.

Tuesday 29 January 2008

The Apple MacBook Air: Exclusive Pictures!

Not really. Here's another baby movie:

Friday 18 January 2008

Three Months Today!

Owain has reached his 1/4-year birthday which is the drool anniversary. Here are some more baby pictures.

On Sunday, he flies to Arizona to be held and cooed at by lots of women. His P.A., Heather, will be accompanying him for the week. I will be spending the time working a little later than usual, playing Team Fortress 2 on company equipment and then coming home to beers, cheese on toast and more of the sort of computer-based gratification that can only truly be satisfied while the wife's away.

Speaking of which, I got a bit of a surprise this evening. Back in the 90's while I was a student of Artificial Intelligence, I did some work for a company called Intelligent Research Ltd. which was run by a long-time computer chess boffin by the name of David Levy. The work was mostly related to NLP and lasted until I finished my studies and got a job in video games. (Yes, this is going somewhere.)

Eventually, the company disappeared off the radar and I didn't hear anything more from David... until I saw this:


Tuesday 15 January 2008

Ahhhhhh Its BABYZILLA!!!!!

For maximum enjoyment play with volume up.

Sorry its so dark but I think you can still get the gist.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Jumping and Flying

Owain still likes to wear his first item of clothing, a standard-issue maternity ward beanie. Wherever we go, parents assume he was born at the local hospital because their kids got the same hat.

It still fits but the elastic is struggling and pops off when he's in his car seat. This presents numerous opportunities to take "lets make fun of the drunk" photos. If he keeps dozing off in public like this, we'll have to start drawing a moustache on his face with a permanent marker.

He now has more furniture than us. We bought him a new bouncy chair today as he likes to stand up but can't manage it on his own, leading to aching arms for us. It's a Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo which sounds very southern hemisphere. So far, he just finds it overwhelming but we have our fingers crossed.

In the past week Heather has been organising three long-distance trips: In a few weeks, she and the sprog return to Arizona for a visit. Friends and family are labouring under the belief that she is there to show off baby and catch up. I'm actually sending her back to retrieve the whiskey that the movers left behind. Next month, she flies to Alabama to watch the Oscars with Kristi. (I did them sums and it's cheaper than buying a new plasma TV.)

And finally, we've going to be in Wales for our wedding anniversary in May! We were thinking of having a party in Mexico but then we moved from Arizona to Washington and it didn't make so much sense any more. Now we'll be celebrating in our ancestral Shirenewton home which has been in the family now for almost a generation.