Thursday 27 November 2008

Grandma and Granddad

If it's been very quiet here in the last few weeks, that's because we've been mentally preparing ourselves for the arrival of my Mum and Dad who flew in on Monday for a week. Heather cooked a sumptuous thanksgiving diner for us this evening. Yesterday, we went to the locks and I let Owain out of his cage for a few minutes.

The boy and his grand-paternals have been getting on like a house on fire. Here, Ian passes down a ritual form of torture that I myself remember being subjected to as a child.

We're going to the parade in town tomorrow. It reminded me that it has been a year since we moved in to our flat in Ballard. A year ago tomorrow, we were late meeting with our landlord to sign the contract because we were stuck in traffic in down-town Seattle which in turn was because some bloody parade was going on. Tsk!

Friday 7 November 2008


For those who are following Owie's growth statistics the latest set of numbers should have you pleased and satisfied for the next three months, I know I am :) Head circumference 48.4 cm (95th percentile), there is a fact-based reason why we call the boy "head", height 31 1/2 inches (90th-95th percentile), weight 24 pounds 8 ounces (75th percentile). He has grown in leaps and bounds during just the last month. He eats well and has made the change from nursing to formula almost entirely. Now I have to switch to cow's milk in a cup. Arg! It's no easy feat getting this kid to drink out of a cup but all the baby books and the pediatrician insist that it must be done in the next 6 months. We'll see.

Tuesday 4 November 2008


Left to Right: Simon Schama, John R. Bolton, Owain R. McFarlane, David Dimbleby

Sunday 2 November 2008

Cheeky Monkey!

What can I say? Awwwwww......

Owie was a monkey this Halloween and what an appropriate costume it was. I gave him the banana as a prop and he gnawed right through the peel and ended up making a slimy mess. I was laughing too hard to do anything about it.

Here is the rest of the Halloween photoshoot.