Monday 31 August 2009

Change of Plan

My Dad, Ian, died on Sunday morning. He was an avid collector of heart conditions and he finally acquired the full set.

Suffice to say, Mum did not arrive today. She has postponed her trip for a fortnight. Owian and I might make it over for the funeral next week but the new baby is due on the 12th so it's all a bit touch and go.

Thanks to everyone who's got in touch already to send their regards. It's sad that he won't be meeting the next little McFarlane - especially after he got on so well with grandson#1:

At least he got to see England win The Ashes this year.

Friday 28 August 2009

Rome wasn't build in a day...

...and when it was, they couldn't balance an elephant on top of it.

Yes, I've finally managed to upload the contents of the camera and this is the result.

With a tight budget and an even tighter husband, Heather has taken to scouring craigslist and consignment stores. She's even ended her moratorium on garage sales. Here's some of the furniture that's 'new to us':

and hence Owain's new-found interest in dinosaurs and Lego:

My mum will be arriving on Monday evening to help out when the baby arrives. We bought her a bed to sleep on and are planning our trip to the liquor store. So far, there are two alarm clock radios in her bedroom. Don't ask why. With two babies in the house, I doubt they'll come in very hand. And radios here don't even play Radio 4 which makes them almost entirely useless - especially when there's a brand new series of That Michell and Webb Sound to listen to.

Sunday 9 August 2009

Settling In

Not much to report on account of refusing to become a house bore. But got some great pictures of the boy today so had to do an upload.
20090800 New House

Heather is spending what little money we have left on furniture to turn our big spacious living area into an obstacle course. We went to Ikea last weekend to get baby a new high chair and spent $200 and forgot the high chair. Damn you retail-savy Swedes!

And we have ants squatting in our kitchen. The ants here are social little fellas unlike the fire ants they have in Arizona. But alas, I am charged with their eviction by order of the landlady. Talcum powder, vinegar and a kettle of boiling water. Poor guys.

BTW, you're all invited to come and visit. BYOB (bring your own bed).