Wednesday 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

News years resolution number one is to blog a bit more often. We have an added incentive as Grandpa Jim now has internet! We've been showing him all the funky stuff his new laptop can do:

We only just made it out of Seattle before the whole city got snowed under. A few hours after we took off, Seatac airport ran out of deicer. For a city with mountains all around it, it's not very well prepared at all.

We spend a couple of days in the Valley of the Sun with Grandpa Mac who looks a bit like Father Christmas and had lots of toys for Owain just to fool us even more. Then it was up to Prescott to see Grandpa Jim and Uncle Daniel. Guess what... lots more toys!

Heather was ill in bed on Christmas day (no, not a hangover actually) which meant that Jim had to do the dinner but it turned out great. So great in fact that we're leaving Heather behind next year.

Anyway, as those of you east of the meridian continue to ferment your hangovers, Heather and I prepare to go out and party. Lots of pictures to follow. Promise!

Monday 8 December 2008

Captain Owain

It's been a week since Mum and Dad left for the tropics and I've recovered enough to talk about our ordeal. Boy is missing getting attention from so many relatives at once and has become a little clingy and needy. The other day, he even developed a slight temperature so his mummy would cuddle him more. She thinks I'm being ridiculous. But no, he's ridiculous!

Here's an epic home movie of Capt. Owie shot in dingyvision...