Tuesday, 20 March 2007


All of a sudden, the garden has filled with birds. I had assumed that this was due to Mac turning the sprinkler on. However, Heather explains that it's the first day of spring which has some mystical connection to the fact that it's her birthday tomorrow...
Once upon a time, all was cold and barren - even in The Valley - and winter lasted forever meaning that it was only Christmas once ... ever. And everyone complained that it was a bit nippy. Then god sent the greatest gift of all - Heather - and the sun shone and joy returned to the world and everyone said that a cloud here or there might be nice because there's not enough shade and shares in flip-flops soared - especially around Christmas, which happened every year and lasted for a whole month.
... and thus it was that I ended up with 90 seconds of birdsong on my camera this afternoon. Realising that the movie featured more shake, wobble and blur than actual tweety pie, I decided that the only course of action (other than giving up drinking before breakfast) was to enter the perilous world of video editing.

I had a quick look at Kino which has a lot of appealing features but settled upon a package with the catchy title of Avidemux as it can read the AVI files produced by my camera (Fujufilm FinePix M603).

It's still a rather dry affair with little dialog and even less character development. Still, it's a start.

Please feel free to post any good recipes you have.

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