Thursday, 29 March 2007

More Birthdays

Last week:

We went to Fibber Magees on Tuesday to celebrate Heather's birthday by playing the pub quiz, only to find out that the quiz is on holiday. Stupid pretend pub! Here's a picture of excited H unwrapping a present from friend Jamie.

On Wednesday, we went to a restaurant called Aunt's Chilada's with Mac and Mary-Ellen. Aunt's Chilada's does Mexican food. The name sounds a lot like enchiladas which is a Mexican dish. This is not a coincidence. American's love starting businesses and they love bad puns. Hence there are some terrible puns out there on the streets.

Off to Prescott on Thursday for Jamie's birthday. (I'm guessing that June is when all the best parties are in Arizona.) As usual, I was discriminated against on grounds of my gender.

On Sunday we went in search of Thumb Butte. I'm not sure how close we got but the journey there was very scenic.

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