Saturday, 17 March 2007

Barry Norman Lives!

To celebrate a friend's 30th birthday, we went last night to Ferrellis: "Arizona’s ONLY restaurant and movie theater". I'm really not sure that their business plan is working out.

Imagine you had a one-screen theater that was nearly empty on a really really really sell-out night. Maybe then you'd consider adding an 18% tip to the bill so that some customers end up tipping 35% unwittingly. You might even give people refills without asking them and then billing for the extra drink.

In the UK, I would fully expect this kind of behavior, simply because I'd have no expectations at all. Every place does their own thing and your eyes leap to the bottom of the menu for the small print. You can always walk out of a restaurant without tipping at all (albeit with a limp) and you KNOW they're charging by the glass for everything except tap water.

I'd only just got used to the way things work in Arizona ... only to end up at Ferrellis: "The People with Nothing to Loose". Tasty chips, mind.

The movie was called The Pursuit of Happyness and it was what I expected from the trailers: a stock broker-based rags-to-riches feel-good film aimed squarely at someone other than me.

It's the true story of a failed sales-man (played by Will Smith) in early 80's San Francisco who is struggling to support his family (Jaden Smith) and decides out of nowhere to intern as a stock-broker for 6 months in the hopes of living comfortably. So basically it's about things being very tough for two hours.

The super-cute kiddie was played by Smith's son and I'm imagining how pissed off I'd be if my Dad starred in two Men in Black movies and had a conversation like this with me:

WS: Hey Junior! Wanna be in my next movie?
Jr: Cool! Can I shoot aliens in space in the future with lasers?
WS: Um, no son but you can get roughed up in Frisco in '81 with no toys, no home and no momma.

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