Monday, 5 March 2007

Moving on

Yesterday, I finally completed Zelda: Twilight Princess which was a relief. It's a bit of an epic to say the least and I need to get on with other stuff. I was hoping the other stuff would be Mario Party 8 but that seems to have gotten delayed ... Nintendo style.

To fill the gaping hole in my life, I've taken a few tentative steps towards learning the Python programming language. I'm dead bored of C++ and this seems easier to get stuff done in.

Today, we went to see a baseball training match between the Anaheim Angels and Oakland Athletics. I think this is roughly equivalent to a friendly warm-up.

The Anaheim Angels are actually the L.A. Angels in Anaheim because they're from L.A. but they live in Anaheim, CA. But I saw them today in Tempe, AZ and the Oakland Athletics were the visitors because this is where the Angels train.


Basically, imagine that Wimbledon F.C. moved to Milton Keynes and then decided to call themselves
Wimbledon Dons in Milton Keynes and train in Dundee because they prefer the weather there. For good measure, imagine Milton Keynes sued the Dons for the Wimbledon thing. Finally, imagine the Dons lost 7 - 8 today.

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