Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Heather's Heroes

Heather is officially (and predictably) hooked on the TV serial, Heroes. It basically takes the premise of X-Men (minus the spandex) and sets it to a deliberately baffling narrative in much the same way as Lost.

Once again, excellent production misdirects the viewer from how ridiculous the interwoven story-lines are. Right now, I could paint the bedroom black and throw all of H's shoes out and she wouldn't notice. It took all my super-powers to drag myself away from the screen before I got sucked in.

I distracted myself by re-hashing my old 'give me a job' website including a new gallery of trippy computer-generated images. (I'm working on a similar thing with my Python project at the moment. Watch this space...)

Tonight, we celebrate Heather's Dad's birthday. I'd wish him a happy one here but the chances of Mac jacking into teh Interweb are pretty-much nil.

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