Saturday, 5 July 2008


For the 4th of July long weekend, we took a trip to Vancouver Island! It's easy to remember; it's the one where Vancouver isn't, also not to be confused with Vancouver, Oregon which isn't even in British Columbia.

We took the ferry from Seattle to Victoria early on Friday morning, passing right by the spot where the fireworks are set off each year in Elliot Bay. The baby was very good for most of the way but he often gets tired and emotional so...

Presenting for the first time anywhere in the world, evidence of Owain being a miserable git.
Grumpy Owain on the ferry
The area's premier tourist attraction is Butchart Gardens, described by one of Heather's friends as "Disney Land... but Flowers".
Butchart Gardens
On Saturday evening, Heather an I ate seafood and I smoked a sneaky Cuban cigar. Owain managed to get some food in his gob, but not much. Tidy.
Owain, you're a mess!
On Saturday, Owain had his first swim. Actually, he didn't really swim at all. I suggested we let him go and see if he would float. Heather vetoed that idea.
He's a witch!
Later, we visited Miniature World. There's not a lot I can say about Miniature World that isn't covered in the name.

Then, we went Whale watching and saw a Minke.
A Minke
And that's what I did on my 4th of July holiday weekend.

The End


Scottie said...

You git - I did the same whale watching trip last week and saw nothing!

John McFarlane said...

Yeah but really, this is all we saw. And next time, pop by our place in Seattle. We're only three minutes away (by jet).

Scottie said...

We were only there from Thurs to Sun so not a lot of time otherwise you would have got a visit.