Saturday, 28 June 2008


Do you remember me mentioning Whirlyball last December? Well, all of us Surreal programmers went back to the Edmonds Whirlyball Center yesterday ... and my team won! This was once I had figured out that my Whirlystrength lies in avoiding the Whirlyball itself at all times and instead obstructing the other team's Whirlybugs by loitering under our goal, driving slowly and occasionally cutting in front of other drivers ... so basically my normal driving style.

In other news, I invested in a new bike last weekend.

It's a Giant FCR 2 and it's sort of half-racer, half-mountain bike. I've ridden in to work on it three times so far. I'm going to try for the whole four days this week. I don't feel any fitter yet but my legs ache all the time. So that's good.

To our surprise, Heather managed to sell Jim's old street racer on Craig's List for quiet a few notes. I'm glad it's gone to a good home; the frame was too big for me and it was starting to seize up.

"Wait a minute, Whirlyjohn. Did you say four days?" That's right. Friday July 4th is a holiday and to feel better about not splurging out on a bicycle, Heather has splurged out on a holiday to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Activities involve whale watching and teaching Owain to swim in the hotel pool. Can't wait!

Finally, Owain started crawling on Thursday afternoon. I tried to film him at it yesterday but he wasn't in the mood. So far, the best way to get him to crawl in any particular direction is to place something dangerous or delicate/expensive there. Better still, encourage him to move in the opposite direction.

Heather is now all concerned that the flat isn't baby-proofed which it certainly isn't. We've started putting down obstacles between him and electrical outlets, easily tippable furniture and glowing hobs supporting rusty iron pots painted with lead and full of boiling bathroom bleach, under-ripe fruits and vegetables (which aren't properly liquidized) and sharpened bamboo shoots. This only seems to encourage him.

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