Saturday, 19 July 2008

9 Months Old! Yesterday.

Owain is now nine months old and had his well visit at the doctor's yesterday. The new stats threw me for a loop. 28 1/2 inches-50%, 21lbs 2oz-60% and head circumference is at 85%. The doctor put my fears to rest saying that because he just learned to crawl he's burning a lot of extra calories and we can expect another small dip when he starts walking. Sounds reasonable to me but I am going to start feeding him a lot more solid foods. I started last night with carrots.

What a mess! In other news, my tryout for Wheel of Fortune did not go well. My name was never called so I didn't even get a chance to wow the judges with my sparkling personality:) We did get a lovely photo of the WheelMobile.

Tonight our babysitter is back from a 3 week hiatus so we will be hitting the town with friends Anne and Mike. We are going to a new restaurant called How to Cook a Wolf. Stay tuned for a review.

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