Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Baby News

Psyche! There is none. As of today I'm 10 days past my estimated due date. The midwives have decided that I just like to cook'em a long time. Some consolation! I must admit that I'm am not dealing with the waiting all that gracefully. I'm a wreck and totally sick of being pregnant! Today I had an acupuncture induction and a prenatal massage and got all the "go into labor" pressure points pressed. I suppose if you're going to go post dates this is the way to do it. All that pampering was very relaxing today and I'm feeling like I can go on a while longer. I don't think I could have managed any of this for one second without John's mom Lyn here. I'm sure will protest and be embarrassed that I'm gushing but she has really taken a weight off my shoulders this past week. She and Owain have developed quite a bond. She's even had to change dirty diapers which I vowed that the grandparents would never have to do! Perhaps one of the nicest things is just having someone to talk to during the day (and not to mention
AMAZING dinners cooked every night). That is all for now, there will be updates soon!

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More pictures of rascal#1 here.