Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Baby House

Grandma Lyn (that's my Mum for those of you who are getting confused by all the motherhood) caught the plane back home yesterday. The house is a little too empty today. (I had to cook my own breakfast this morning which was quite traumatic.)

James is getting more used to life in thin air. We went to a restaurant to have a goodbye meal and he slept from the time we put him in his new car seat to the time we took him out again back at home.

Owain is being as good as we ever could have hoped. There are no signs of jealousy (yet) but plenty of curiosity and affection.

In preparation for the upheaval, Heather bought Owie a new car track toy. I let him play for it for a few days before even inserting batteries. He's pretty chuffed ...

Heather is still writing about the birth. Expect an epic masterpiece any day now. No pressure, or anything. Heh.

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Unknown said...

Hi Owie - so you were paying attention when Mummy was driving! Just as well your Dad scoured Seattle for the best deal on batteries,
Lots of love