Friday, 31 July 2009


We are now in our new house Hooray! We moved on Wednesday July 29 which just happened to be the hottest day EVER IN SEATTLE. That made things interesting but the move still proceeded smoothly. Now its all about the unpacking and me trying to not go out and buy all new furniture. Combining the nesting instinct of late third trimester pregnancy and moving is highly dangerous to the budget. I have already fitted the bathroom with new fixtures. Last night I was drilling holes in the walls wearing my sunglasses as safety goggles. I love being a homeowner!

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Unknown said...

What's happening to Seattle? First the airport has to close because of more than expected snow in the winter and then the summer brings the hottest day on record. Who says nothing strange is happening to the climate?
Anyway the main thing is you are in your lovely new house, dungeon and all.
Enjoy it.