Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hot Here Too

Quick roundup. Sorry, no pictures. But here's a map:

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This was my first proper journey cycling with the baby, going to the wading pool (paddling pool) at Green Lake Park on Saturday. He spent a couple of hours splashing around and stealing toys from all the other children and has a whale of a time.

One bizarre thing I discovered when I got to the park was the path circling the lake: for cyclists, it's one-way only! To begin with, I couldn't understand the signs, which basically say: "you can't go on the left and the right is for walkers only". After getting enough dirty looks (and not prepared to go almost three miles out of my way for such a short stretch), I tried to find another route. All I could find was a thin, gravel track next to a busy dual carriageway which was pretty scary all round.

The house hunting is going pretty well... or so Heather informs me. It looks like we've settled on a price for a place but I won't jinx things by going into detail. All I'll say is that the reason I overshot on the journey home from the lake was to ride by and take another look.

Last Sunday and again today, the boy and I went for swimming lessons nearby. He's pretty cool about being held in the water and likes to splash around and play with all the toys. Sometimes he gets panicked and clings to me like a baby monkey. The first thing he needs to learn is to blow bubbles in the water. At the moment, he just drinks it instead. Between this new-found love of the chlorine and his constant attempts to nab my beer, I'm starting to suspect that he's destined to be the father jack of the family.


Jeff said...

I thought you were Father Jack. So are you Dougal now? Or Mrs Doyle?

John McFarlane said...

Yes Lenny, I've always thought of myself as a bit of a Dougal.

Unknown said...

The truth is out - John really likes tank tops after all.
you will you will you will
aka Mrs Doyle of the egg & bacon sandwiches