Thursday, 7 August 2008

Mmmmm Avocado

Its been a fun-filled week already and its only Thursday. Monday my Dad and Leroy arrived. They are on their annual motorcycle road trip. This year they'll be on the road for five weeks or more. While they were here they checked out our local bars the Viking and the Copper Gate and spent time watching Owain be his cute self. Speaking of the young sir he is doing something new. Dancing!! As soon as I can capture it on video I'll post it. My Dad left yesterday, they are off to Northern Washington, then Idaho, and Montana where they plan on attending the Testicle Festival. Those guys know how to have a fun. As Leroy says,"Its all good!"


The Calvo's said...

That laugh is infectious! ADORABLE!

Unknown said...

At long last I've been able to get on to the Testicle Festival website - never mind Owain and the avocado! Did you know that if you have your boy dog neutered, he can have plastic surgery to replace his missing equipment (not this side of the Atlantic unless by Mr Chinnery).
Seriously though, Owain again manages to delight and brighten up what is otherwise a pretty awful British summer.
Can't wait to see him in the flesh.
Mum,Grandma, Lyn