Sunday, 24 August 2008

Not Much News

But I better blog anyway or I will hear the wrath! I'll just post a little about what Owain's been up to. He is able to walk all over as long as he's holding onto something with one hand. Lately he's been stealthily hugging the walls like he's in some action movie trying to sneak up on the baddies. He has been waving but he'll never do it on command. And he gives kisses but only when he feels really lovey. Just yesterday and more today he has started to give John and I things. He will place a toy in my hand, of course he immediately wants it back but I think the fact that he will actually put something in our hand and let go of it is a big deal! Also tonight he put a rusk (baby cookie) in John's mouth. I can't get over how cute I think these things are. If that's not enough cuteness here's Owain getting a bath in the kitchen sink from Daddy.

He was absolutely FILTHY DIRTY after the PEPS bbq we went to yesterday. It was at Carkeek Park which was a surprisingly lush forest only a 10 minute drive from our place. Owain crawled all over without even caring where we were. I'm pretty sure he ate his fair share of dandelions and grass/bark/sticks/dead leaves. It was a good time. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. I'm sure I will get some pics from the other moms.


Anonymous said...

I like Johns new haircut! Very GQ:-) Owain is adorable as always. Miss you guys. - Andee

Unknown said...

Hope that wasn't a pot scourer daddy John was using on Owain! Don't think so because he seemed to be having a lovely time in the sink. What goes around comes around - when I was a little girl, my mum used to give me my going to bed bath in the kitchen sink and our next door neighbour used to wave to me. Ahh.