Wednesday, 9 May 2007


We went to the baby bump scan emporium today. The purpose of this visit was to flag any treatable developmental abnormalities early on...

Not as far as Heather's concerned. No. In actual fact, it's in order to have a ride on a $trillion winkle location system.

The news is that he's a healthy-looking boy, currently weighting 10oz and he's still due in early October, so for the next five months, we get to argue over boy names. Currently, it's looking like Rockford Elvis Chuck McFarlane but I much prefer Rockford Chuck Elvis McFarlane.

Anyway, here's his Penis:

May this be the first of many embarrassing photos to haunt young Chuck through his teenage years.

I'm actually quite proud of the little chap already. Halfway through the session, the computer software hung. During the reboot I couldn't help noticing that the system ran on 2003 Server. That's pretty-much Microsoft's most stable operating system and my boy crashed it! Nice one my son! I'll have him causing kernel panics in OpenBSD by his fifth birthday.

Anyway, if you fancy trawling through 90 pictures of baby bits with a General Electric advertisement in the corner, be my guest. In the mean time, I've got to figure out how to rip the DVD for YouTube. There are some wicked cut-aways of his skull that make him look like something off of a heavy metal album cover.

Rock on Chuck!

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