Sunday, 20 May 2007

Introducing Mr & Mrs McFarlane

Well, we've finally tied the knot!

The date I need to forget if I ever want my wife to not talk to me for a week is 18th May.

The place was the Little White Chapel Tunnel of Love at around 6.15pm. The temperature was about 100F and the only thing I was wearing that wasn't black was my tie. Nice!

The official photographs are at the developers here in Prescott right now. Hopefully, I will post them later today. I also took some pictures of our excursion.

We stayed in the Monte Carlo, played on the slots there and swam in all four of their pools. We also played roulette in Slots-A-Fun where I won $40 ... and only lost $20 - so two personal bests for me.

All in all, my first trip to sin city was a positive experience. I'd do it all again if it didn't involve polygamy.

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Anonymous said...

Congratualtions! Looks like a classy do and you look like something from the Blues Brothers John! So glad my smallest cousin is already creating computer havoc from the womb -- attaboy .... JanetB x