Sunday, 25 February 2007


Golly, it's been ten days. Mostly I went to northern AZ for most of a week and saw the Grand Canyon. I'll have to make up a photo gallery all about that some time. Um, it's very big. If you don't believe me, wait until the photos get done.

Yesterday, Heather had a yard sale and sold a few boxes worth of clothes. She made $40 which paid for the movies where we saw Reno 911!: Miami. It's a fake reality show about very useless cops in Nevada. It's mostly very funny. I'll bet the TV show is good too. [7 1/2] / [10 3/4] (seven and a half out of ten and three quarters).

Oscars are on this evening - not the middle of the night, mind; actually during waking hours! Still probably going to skip them though. Still not finished Zelda.

Now I'm off to get working on the back yard.

That is all.

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