Tuesday, 13 February 2007


It's about time that I stepped things up a bit. The ratings for this blog are threatening to half if I don't jazz things up a bit (hi Jeff) so it's time to enter the multimedia era and post some photos.

Here's me eating my first Taco Bell.

This is Heather's dad, Mac, and his house in Tempe and believe it or not, these small rodents (Beanie, Cinnamon and Joe) are technically dogs!

Finally, I've been doing some gardening. Nothing very fancy, mostly just ripping dead roots out of the ground. To be honest, there's not a lot you can do with yard space over here but you can make it look a lot nicer than just dirt. Anyways, here's half-way through clearing everything out. And here's after all the vegetation I could reach was chopped up and piled up by the roadside.

Apologies for the very largeness of the photos. At a later date, I shall figure out how create a nice thumbnailed gallery without flickr busting my bytes.

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Unknown said...

Alan Titchmarsh eat your heart out. Didn't know I was harbouring a gardener so when you are back in April the fork rake etc will be waiting.