Saturday, 16 May 2009


Week before last Owain was sleeping really well, taking 3 hour naps and sleeping in until 7:45am (well, that happened once). It got me thinking that maybe some new development was on the horizon and sure enough this week he has said a few new words! Seems like the whole talking thing is taking a really long time. I thought as soon as he turned a year old the language would just flow. It is the case with some kids but Owie is more of a mover than a talker. His words to date are George, as in Curious, botbot (bottle), water, car, bubble, Dada. Notice no "mama" Hmmmm...


Kate said...

Yeah, I think I read that the sounds for Mom/Mama/etc. don't really get developed till later - while the dada sounds are developed as one of the if that makes you feel any better!

I love that you realized that he was in a developmental phase because he was sleeping so much. I remember reading that we need sleep to develop the brain, and food to develop the body. Sleep is brain food I guess. Hmmmm, maybe I should start going to bed earlier? Maybe that is why I have been feeling so brain slow since becoming a mom.

Food for thought. (I couldn't help myself here).

OK, I'll stop now.

John McFarlane said...

Yes. Even game programmers need their sleep!