Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Heather's scan on Friday revealed a healthy-looking baby boy, so no need for any new clothes. I'm trying to calm her fears about rearing two boisterous hooligans - mostly by lying about my own childhood growing up with my bro.

On Saturday morning, Heather had to go to hospital because of gallstones. These she probably got because of being pregnant. Fortunately they went away of their own accord but were extremely painful for a while.

By the evening, she was right as rain and we went out with some friens to see Carrie Fisher's show, Wishful Drinking. It was quite an education. For instance, did you know she was married to Paul Simon? And did you know that there is no underwear in space? (Actually I knew that already from watching Moonraker.)

Now that we know it's a boy, Jeff has already suggested that I bring back the baby name poll from last time around. But I'm worried about what might happen. We might end up with a second Owain. Worse still, he could end up being called Colbert McFarlane.

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The Calvo's said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Two boys! What fun they will have playing together and plotting against you! Please don't name him Colbert - well maybe the middle name?
Congrats to the McFarlanes!