Friday, 29 February 2008


Today was Owain's 4 month check-up at the pediatrician's. Here are the new stats: Height-26 1/2 inches (90th-95th percentile), Weight-18lbs (95th percentile), Head circumference-43.6cm (80th percentile). He is on target with all milestones including grabbing and holding objects, my hair always and whatever glass I'm drinking out of, squealing with delight, it sounds like he's trying to communicate with dolphins or Mariah Carey, he's discovered his tongue and is constantly sticking it out, he also recognizes John and I now and gets a little separation anxiety. The one thing he's not doing is rolling over but the doc explained that big babies take a little while longer to do this. I think it's kind of funny that he's too fat to roll his big butt over. The most enjoyable new thing he's doing is laughing. John can make him hysterical by propping him up on the couch and then putting a pillow on his belly he then beats on it like a drum and the kid goes wild. What a weird sense of humor, wonder where he got that? He also received more immunizations today ugh! At least the nurse warmed up her hands before touching him this time and he only cried for a minute.

I hope you don't mind me putting up this picture Kristi! I returned from my trip to see Kristi and her family on Tuesday. In the photo you can see the pot of gorgeous cheese fondue that we totally pigged out on while watching the Oscars. I found the program pretty good this year. John Stewart made a good host and the highlight for me was Marion Cotillard winning for Best Actress and giving a charming acceptance speech. The director, "rocked her life" and she was"full of joy, sparkles, and fireworks" To give her credit I think she only learned English in the past year. Kristi's children, Emerson 4 1/2, and Isaiah 16 months were just adorable and they both were pretty enamoured with Owain. Emerson was very conscientious about keeping him happy, always bringing toys to him and singing songs and making funny faces to make him smile and Isaiah actually kissed him on the head! And tried to climb into the carseat with him haha. To my shame I have no pictures of those cute kids, well, about 7 of Emerson turning her face away from the camera. All in all it was a good trip. Owain slept between 9 and 10 hours a night while we were there, which is the longest he has EVER slept and I got to spend some quality time with my best gal who I miss already!

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Unknown said...

Has Kristi had some of what Owain has had or vice verce? Does it matter because they both look very happy!