Thursday, 31 January 2008

Frilly Knickers/Arizona Trip

I'm not sure why diapers have a ruffle around the leg but aren't they dashing?! Owain and I were in Arizona last week visiting my Dad and Jim and Daniel. Flying with a 3 month old is scary but not as bad as I thought it would be. Owain was well behaved, better behaved than some of the airline employees and airport sercurity personnel. My biggest pleasure on the trip was watching Grandpa Jim and Owain together. They were getting along so well that Jim babysat for him while I spoiled myself with a pedicure. Mary Ellen also babysat so I could go see Juno with Jamie. It was great to see everyone and get a dose of sunshine. Here are the photos from that trip.


Anonymous said...

Young Owain sounds a very happy chappy. I'm looking forward to meeting him in May
Much loveJ ean

Kate said...

I was sad to miss you on that trip - it was the wrong week for Z and I, otherwise we would have come to Prescott or Phx. in a second!
Next time.