Wednesday, 19 September 2007

What's up, baby butt?

There has been an impressive response to the baby name poll so far. I'm guessing that most pollsters are treating it with a high degree of seriousness, given the sensible names that are out in front: James in first place, Owain in second and Elvis in fourth. :-)

Elvis himself is getting quite excited and just won't stop jiggling around. This fidgety behaviour is likely to continue until he becomes a teenager. Heather has been using his pokey-out bits and dance moves to map out how he's sat.

Here's the map:

This is all based on some new-age nonsense she read on a web site. It saves her from an uncomfortable examination (yay!) or another ride on the high-tech $trillion winkle location system (boo!). The upshot is that he's ready for launch.

Yesterday, I applied for my social security number. This was no fun at all: the queue was only two and a half hours long, the security guard allowed Heather to take a seat inside the building (which was air-conditioned) and the lady who served us was polite, helpful and patient. To make up for this, I think I'll try and dash over the border and back tomorrow evening, just to spice things up a bit.

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heather mcfarlane said...

Can I just say that John nicked that chart off me to my great embarassment and now he's gone and posted it the wrong way around. Little kicks should be at the bottom. Those are hands I think!