Thursday, 13 September 2007

Indecision 2007

Not so recently, I considered having a t-shirt printed in XXX-Large with...
A Boy
No, not yet
...for Heather to wear in public or anywhere else where strange and chatty women congregate and ask her the exact same three questions:
  • When's it due?
  • Do you know what it is?
  • Has he got a name?
Some of these helpful ladies will tell her it's definitely a girl based on the shape of her belly, the contents of her shopping bags or the day of the week. Medical profession be damned! There are even more suggestions for baby names.

One friend, for example, keeps suggesting Sebastian as a name. At first I didn't really take to it. Since getting back into international Rugby however, the name Sébastien is starting to grow on Heather and I. This is thanks to M. Chabal, the French number 8 who could have come from the pages of the Asterix comics.

I've mentioned several other suggestions that we've considered since the ultrasound scan. Heather likes Rockford because it's her favourite TV show and, well, because she's American. My Dad likes Chuck which is short for Charles. I believe this is in honour of our future king of England. Everybody loves Maddog but for some reason, only as a middle name.

We just can't decide which of these fabulous suggestions works best and that is why I'm putting it to a public vote!

To the side of the page, you should see a 'Name The Baby' section where you can choose the fate of our unborn baby. You and you alone can determine how much - and what sort of - bullying he will suffer in school because of his name.

The poll lasts until the end of the month or until everybody votes for Rockford and I dismiss it as a bit of fun.

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Unknown said...

Excuse me, we only call, the baby "Chuck" as a sick joke! Ian & Lyn