Monday, 2 July 2007

Daniel's 28th Birthday

We're back in Prescott where it's all going on this week.

There's a craft fair here selling all forms of poorly conceived ornamentation. If your house is lacking in kokopellis or you've dropped your unbreakable crystal nail file on a hard surface then hurry on down to the Courthouse Square while stocks last.

Whiskey Row (a line of old bars opposite the square) was closed off on Saturday for live music by local acts. It reminded me of the gigs in Chepstow at the racecourse and down in The Dell with dozens of bored looking teenagers stood at the front of the stage, waiting for the local middle-aged rockers to play a song they actually recognised.

Yesterday was Daniel's birthday. We had breakfast at a friendly little cafe called Molly and Wally's, saw Live Free or Die Hard at the cinema and had dinner at Red Lobster. I think I've officially watch enough action movies to last me a lifetime now. I haven't had enough seafood however and can't wait to sample the restaurants in SoCal. (That's Southern California for those who know).

Tonight, we go to the Rodeo! In preparation, I'm getting tanked up on beer. I've forsaken my shorts and flip-flops for unsuitably hot jeans and boots and I'm ready to kick some shit! I'm looking forward to the mild scenes of animal cruelty and can't wait to cop an eyeful of the Rodeo queens (who look pretty convincing, judging by the promo pics). However, I'm most excited about seeing Whiplash - one of the worlds most talented (and oldest) cowboy monkeys. He's 20 years of age, rides a dog and herds sheep for a living. Go Whiplash!

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