Saturday, 28 August 2010


It may be a month between posts these days, but we haven't stopped snapping. Here's the cream of the crop from the last few months. What a bunch of posers we all are!

While Grandma Lyn was here, we talked about the idea of spending Christmas in Wales. A few weeks ago she kindly bought us tickets so it's official: we're all piling into The Cayo for the holidays. We'll be around for several weeks so if anyone wants to come and visit, please get in touch. We probably won't get around the UK much while we're there but at the very least, I need to take Owain to the Natural History Museum where I first fell in love with dinosaurs!.

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Unknown said...

So dinasauritis is in the genes! So is messieness. Yes - look out the Seattle McFarlanes are descending on Shirenewton this Christmas so a good time will be had by all. Grandma Lyn is off to France in a couple of weeks to stock up on the Pinot Gris.