Sunday, 10 January 2010

Phones and Viruses

Last week, I upgraded my phone, which is to say I got a new phone despite my old one working perfectly well. It had a typically cruddy phone camera which frequently came in handy when Heather's proper camera wasn't to hand. Here's some of the best of the crop of pictures I backed up from it today.

Its successor is a fangled new Google phone which renders most of the items in my living room, kitchen and garden shed obsolete. It can inform Heather as to my exact location at any time of day which means I'll be needing to leave it in the office when I go out drinking after work every night. Then I'll need the old one to say I've 'missed the bus'. Why do relationships and modern technology have to be so complicated?

Owain came down with stomach flu yesterday and we've since been fighting a war on two fronts, so to speak. He's hardly eating anything and is mostly on the water so he'll probably be famished come the morning. He seems pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. I wish I was two whenever I got ill.

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JE_Tintin said...

Lovely photos!

How's the little man now? xxx