Thursday, 24 December 2009

Here Comes Crimbo!

We've not taken enough Jimmy photos so there are a bunch in with this lot:

Frankly, Owain just gets to be more and more fun and spends his days entertaining his poor, exhausted mother. I really must cobble some more video footage together. In the meantime, raw and uncut, here are the boys! Doing nothing much! For six minutes!


Rob said...

Great, thats six minuets of my life im never getting back. I felt this film needed more guns. The plane sequence was good, but the genre has been done to death by people trying to cash in on the flop "snakes on a plane". I can see the new actor Jimmy shows great potential, however for Owain this is a vehicle his career in movies could do without. Snappy script writing and amazing special effects are let down here by his lackluster performance. Halloween could be his best film thus far. Appearing as a cow Owain shocked and amazed audiences with a dazzling performance. He will have to work hard to win back his fans.
I know Hollywood will be backing this one but I give it 3 popcorn out of ten.

John McFarlane said...

It's true what they say: everyone's a critic.