Wednesday, 25 November 2009


As promised, I've put together some photos from November.

Nothing very exciting has happened here recently. Our basement got a bit wet from the rainstorms, which has hopefully solved the ant problem for us. Heather put some curtains up - but of course you heard about that on the evening news.

We did go to Snoqualmie to visit one of H's Peps ladies. Then we checked out the local waterfall.

Here is Owain getting very excited by pictures of animals...

Right, that should be enough for now. Heather is baking furiously for tomorrow so I'm going to have a play with iMovie and see if I can't edit together some good footage of Owain being a git. In the meantime, here's some uncut gittage to keep you going...

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Unknown said...

Was that casting for the 'Monster of the Green Planet' movie?