Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Today Owain and I met up with Anne and Rosalie and Kristen and Ryanne at the Seattle Aquarium. The kids had a good time, almost as much fun as the moms. I think we all needed an afternoon of fun and distraction.
Poor Owie has been under the weather since Monday. I'm not really sure what the illness is, if it indeed is an illness. He does have five new teeth coming in all at once so maybe that is causing all the fussiness, fevers and night waking. Yesterday Owain was so tired he decided to take a third nap of the day on the couch.Last week on Saturday while I was away at the bank doing boring ol' chores the boys were getting up to their usual hijinx, as you can see by this video.


Kate said...

yep, 5 teeth at once will do that to a kid!
At least he's getting them all out of the way at once...way to go.
We had a spell with Z (around this age) where we had to give her tylenol every night for awhile (even though we had previously been just doing the homeopathic stuff). Misery.

heather mcfarlane said...

I think you're right it was the teeth. Since the last one broke through he's been a whole new baby. Much happier!