Friday, 17 October 2008

AZ Trip/Rush Cab/Jeff and Bev Visit

First things first, here's a video of Owain walking. He's been taking steps for nearly a month but lately he tries more often and makes it farther.

We have fallen way behind in blogging and missed some big stuff. Sept 30th through Oct 7th I was back in Arizona visiting my Dad and Stepdad and brother. It was great to see the family but WOW Owain would not sleep for naps or at night so by the end of the week I was a very grumpy zombie. On Sat the 4th I got to meet Jamie's baby Maysen for the first time. She's adorable and very sweet natured. That evening all the girls, and Anthony, got to go out on the town. It was fabulous! I will forever be grateful to Grandpa Jim for babysitting. On the cab ride back to the house I got to experience a heavy dose of Rush mixed with really long mullet hair, this situation compounded with all the red wine/white wine/crown and sevens/beam and cokes I had became unbearably funny. Somehow the driver didn't catch all my nasty sarcasm and allowed me to take his picture. Just imagine Getty Lee screeching in the background.

Jeff and Bev arrived shortly after I got back from AZ. They came all the way from their new home in Edinburgh. We had a great time while they were here. I think John got his fill of playing Rock Star (maybe) and we did some the the requisite touristy stuff and showed them all around our little nook of Seattle. They went on by train and rental car to San Francisco to spend the last few days of their holiday.

All of the photos from the trip and from Jeff and Bev's visit can be viewed here.

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