Monday, 23 April 2007

Sober Again

Urgh. That last posting doesn't really make much sense in the cold light of day, does it? I shall elaborat a bit.

On Thursday, Mum and Dad headed off for France with the doggies. Spud gets very nervous in the car so I thought I'd give them a nice long walk to tire them out a bit. Hence the photos of the village.

With no way to magic up egg and bacon sandwiches, I decided to head to England to see some of the people I've left behind in the old world. First stop was Guildford for a Friday night drink with Dom. Glen turned up and later, so did Caz. Here's Dom and Caz looking bright and breezy the next morning:

On to London and a Saturday afternoon drink in (among other places) The Crown and Cusion. Here are Marisa and Jeff. (Jeff's the one on the right with the really long arm.)

More drinking in the evening with Jeff, an especially drunken transatlantic phone conversation with Heather and another hangover later, I saw the London Marathon. Jeff and Bev and I stood by the side of the road as thirty thousand odd runners pass by. Some were odder than others. Here they are outside their home in Greenwich (Jeff and Bev that is - not 30,000 runners):

And finally, down to Brighton on Sunday evening and a quick bus journey to the Sidewinder to hear Luke play. He's dangerously good with a guitar. Here are Max and Paul the Jazz Chef:

So now it's monday and my hangover's fading. No doubt I'll get up to no good again this evening. Paul is on holiday this week and has kindly let me stay over at his place. He has wi-fi. I like Paul.

In other news, I've been learning a few new tricks to do with teh interweb and redesigned my website. In particular, I've written a php script which allows you to browse my picture galleries much more easilyer. If you keep clicking 'refresh', the pictures change. How do they do that? Using magic!

Unfortunately, I've left my desktop PC at home so I don't have a convenient way to make new galleries so although I've got lots of new photos, I won't publish most of them until I get back to Wales, later in the week.

Now to do more things to write about...

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