Friday, 5 January 2007

Can I interested you in...?

Up until now, I've been getting my affairs in order - not in a morbid way although now would be a really great time to be hit by a bus. I've mostly been trying to get rid of some of the junk that I've accumulated over the years with much help from the mercenary vultures formerly known as my friends and colleagues. I've also used the services of Oxfam, Shelter and Freecycle.

Having such a major clear-out is both sad and liberating. The stuff that I don't want anymore says things about the person I was at certain points in the past... but in a really space-consuming way.

Most of it's gone now but there are still a few items left to jettison. I thought that I had managed to reduce my worldly possessions down to a few boxes but no, there's a huge amount of crap following me around. It's either too trivial or embarrassing to mention or would more suitably benefit someone who hasn't already owned it.

While I'm here, would anyone out there like...
  • a Shirley Bassey Remix CD,
  • a USB-powered snowman that plays drums or
  • an ashtray with a picture of a woman who winks at you when you tilt it?
I find that last item a little creepy. Does stubbing out cigarettes on a woman's face sound healthy to you? Pros and cons I guess.

Collection only. No time wasters please.

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