Sunday, 24 February 2008

Wild, wild weekend!

Heather has just finished watching the Oscars 'round Kristi's house in Alabama. I've been left in charge of the family estate here in Washington and have really let my hair down.

On Friday night I watched two episodes of Dr Who back to back over a glass of whisky... and not modern Dr Who neither - good old Tom Baker on PBS. Nobody tutted at the dated special effects and I didn't hear a single bitchy comment about the Doctor's glamorous assistant Leela. Her outfit is made of shammy leathers and she has some great lines.

On Saturday I went to work for a few hours and played Team Fortress 2. Then I tried to go see a film at the IMAX and failed. Normally, I wouldn't even try so that's adventurous right there. Instead I went home, ate pizza and watched Dog Day Afternoon. It's a very funny movie.

Today, I just went into total off-the-leash overdrive. I watched all sorts of lads TV including an episode of Star Trek from 1967. I vacuumed and washed up. I took out the recycling and the rubbish and wired up the DVD player. Then I went grocery shopping and bought the ingredients for my first ever curry. Unfortunately, I got bored while it was cooking and started eating red chilli peppers to remind myself which bits have the hot stuff. I'll leave out the gory details. Lets just say I needed a bath to fully recover.

And still I managed to post some baby photos. This is from our wanderings around Ballard last weekend and just happen to have some obnoxiously adorable pictures.

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